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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Advantages Of Starting A Home Based Business
Author: Pamela Upshur
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Taking the risks of starting a home-based business can be scary
and thrilling at the same time. The opportunity to share in the
American dream is a tremendous lure. Many people, including
those new to this country, may not have the skills for working
in today's complex organizations. However, they may have the
initiative and drive to work the long hours demanded by
entrepreneurship. The same is true of many corporate managers
who left the security of the corporate life (either by choice or
as a result of corporate downsizing) to run businesses of their

Social attitudes have change. Whereas home based entrepreneurs
used to be asked when they going to get a "real" job, they are
now likely to be asked instead for how-to-do-it advice.

Corporate downsizing has made workers aware that there is no
such thing as job security, leading many to venture out on their
own. Meanwhile, the work of the downsized employees still need
to be done and that is, they are outsourcing much of the work to
smaller companies; that is, they are contracting with small
companies to temporarily fill their needs.

Nearly half of the small businesses in the United States are
run out of the owner's home. These include writers, consultants,
video producers, architects, bookkeepers, and such. Many
home-based businesses are owned by people who are trying to
combine career and family. Don't misunderstand and picture
home-based worker as female child-care givers; nearly 60 percent
are men.

It is important to know that most entrepreneurs don't get the
ideas for their products and services from some flash of
inspiration. Rather than a flash, the source of innovation is
more like a flashlight. Imagine a search party, walking around
in the dark, shining lights, looking around, asking questions,
and looking some more. The late Sam Walton used such a
flashlight approach. He visited his stores on Mondays, and by
Tuesdays every Wal-mart manager in the country knew about it. He
expected his managers to use flashlighting too. Every time they
traveled on business, they were expected to come back with at
least one idea worth more than the cost of their trip.

Computer technology has leveled the competitive playing field,
allowing home-based businesses to look and act as big as their
corporate competitors. High speed Internet connections, fax
machines, and other technologies are so affordable that setting
up a business takes a much smaller initial investment than it
used to.

Advice for potential entrepreneurs:

1. Work for other people first and learn on their money.

2. Research your market, but don't take too long to act.

3. Start your business when you have a customer. Maybe try your
venture as a sideline at first.

4. Plan your objectives within specific time frames

5. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

6. Don't be afraid to fail. Former football coach Vince
Lombardi summarized the entrepreneurial philosophy when he said,
"We didn't lose any games this season, we just ran out of time

For those who are wishing to get out of an office building and
starting your own businesses, you should focus on finding
opportunity instead of accepting security, getting results
instead of following routines, earning profit instead of a
paycheck, trying new ideas instead of avoiding mistakes, and
creating a long-term vision instead of seeking a short-term

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